Hello. so we played in Moscow last night and today we've been already in St.Petersburg and now we're in Pskov. Last night in Moscow was perfect. So if you must know how we're doing, and can't come to check us out, we're doing extremely fine!(exept 1 x foodpoisoning, 1xslight heartdisrhytmia, 1xlung malfunction) We look forward to our show tonight. Meanwhile we enjoy the Russian hospitality and fight with our tourmanager who finally showed up. The great reveal was that our tourmanager Johnny White is pretty fucked up. You'll see the interview later. 

Result of the bandname competition during the bustrip was. 1.Jaani 2.Anu 3.Riku 4.Matti (Oze was sleeping)

yours truly,
Sir Matheus Von Iconero


  1. Glad to see that you still enjoy your trip.. (but worry bc of those exception though) Well.. anyway just one gig left, so soon you'll get your rest!!! Take care, darlings! We love and miss you!!! <3


    PS. Mysli says "GAV" wich in Russian doggish means smth like "Love and miss you soooo much too! Come back as soon as possible"

    PPS. Matti, just 4th? Shame on you!!! :)) Jaani, congratulations!!! :D

  2. i bet it was jaani who got food poisoning...

    HAHA --i mean....awwwh.

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