More pics from Gloria

(c) Kaylin Idora

Two reviews I have found:

http://desibeli.net/juttu/1737 (suomeksi)
http://tempelores.com/?p=597 (in english)


Live pics from Gloria 21.3.09

Live @ Gloria 210309

Soundchecking and killing time

(c) Kerkko Ulmanen


Ok here we go now!!!!!

Here are some pics from our first rehearsals for upcoming shows and these were also the first ones with Riku-Niilo on bass. We had to start rehearsing in studio with pro Tools system this time because the album is so electronic that it would have been impossible to just go to our rehearsing space at Nosturi and start rocking those songs like AC:DC... Nope... Lots of hours in studio figuring out how we can perform the songs live and who plays what and stuff like that. I think you will understand when you hear the album someday.

..somebody's late...this time Riku-Niilo...
First 30 Minutes total nonsense.
+Rock jam
13:30-13:35 Lovers/Ocean
14:31---->heaven's map
comments from the artist:
"fucking good" -Riku-Niilo
"Fuck yes" -Jaani
Oze&Jaani to Neste!
15:30 Unexpected break.....synths are down!
---------->the end......??