Grand Casino

We played an acoustic mini set at Grand Casino with Matti and Riku.

1. The Lovers
2. Never Ever
3. Everlasting

The event was pretty damn interesting actually. There was another artist called Joonas who was a really nice guy from Tampere, two comedians and a guy with some kinda bike who apparently won some kinda x-factor or talent show or something. We missed his performance because we were so busy acting James Bond at the casino...
I won 0.07 euros from some machine and that was it. To be honest I didn´t even understand how it worked.
Lots of weird images were rolling after i touched random buttons... I so rule with gambling.
well anyway we enjoyed our time there a lot and we are planning to go there again in two weeks when we go out to celebrate the album release finally. Let´s see how that nite will turn out.


tämmöinen luonnehdinta löytyi ihmeellisestä internetistä:
Iconcrash esiintyi akustisesti kolmen miehen voimin. Pari kitaraa, basso ja solisti Jaani Peuhun kiihkeästi varioiva ääni hurmasivat Fennia-salongin laitapöytiin saakka kumisten. Radiokuuntelijat eivät ole voineet jäädä paitsi tästä deep-rockin sielukkuudesta, mutta livenä Everlasting tunkeutui päätösnumerossa niin syvälle, että komiikkaillan viimeisetkin naurut pysähtyivät hyväntuulisina hymyillen kuuntelemaan Iconcrashin autuaan maagista kauneutta.




What a great journey! Have you ever kept a brake in paussi-paikka? I personally recommend it, such a nice coutry style coffeehuose.
We heard couple of stories about abandoned coffeehouses we saw on the way, and boy they freaked me out!!! horrible, horrible things can happen in such a lovely places. Especially this one place nearby a place called "blacklake"....stay away from there, I tell you.

In bar 15 the staff was super nice and I wish we'll meet soon again. Greetings to you all!!
I hope we'll get back to seinäjoki really soon!

Tomorrow we'll be playing in Grand Casino Helsinki, see you there.
(I didn't take any behind the scenes pictures from seinäjoki so I uploaded a pic from eggboxfoam)