So here's what happened:

Ferryness, Randomness, Putiness, Bozouness, ...and some banzai moments from Jaani.
(*if google or dictionary doesn't provide answers to what some of these words mean, come to Trashfest III and I'll tell you)

Anyway...the first gig went by the book, and everything happened for a reason. Since we got off stage pretty early we decided to celebrate. And you might think that the only way to celebrate in rocknroll is to get wasted so bad that your own mother wouldn't recognize you. Yeah!!!!....well....we had other things in mind. We headed back to our hotel to watch the olympic games!!!! how cool is that!

The next day became more interesting...
Our old tourmanager Johnny White came over to see us and apologized for his behaviour last time in Russia. It didn't go well. He was so drunk he couldn't speak. He just sounded pretty much like a pussycat. As we had to let him go after the Russian tour, this time we had to make sure that he wouldn't bother us anymore. We wish him well and good life.

We couldn't survive this trip without our mixing engineer and helping hand Benni

Banzai! -Matti#4
Oh my oh my what a trip... There is just something that makes me feel really happy when I am in Estonia. It must be their random petrol stations, even though nowadays they are getting more boring and corporate just like it happened in Finland. All the little ones disappear and all the new ones look exactly the same. Same products and same fake smiles. In Estonia you can still find those little ones, and it is guaranteed that you don´t need to suffer for the fake smiles....or basically any kinda smile.

Gigs were ok but the one in Tartu was one of the best in ages. So relaxed and random, and that relaxed feeling is partly because of the other band playing there. Recycle Bin, great band and super nice guys.

The only bad thing in Tartu was Mr. White´s appearance. No idea how he found his way to the venue in that bad condition and I certainly wished he would have never found his way there. His half eaten russian chocolates and few empty vodka bottles didn´t make our feelings for him any warm and when he decided to fill my pedal case with his vomit (for the second time!) it was pretty clear that he wasn´t going to join us on our way back to Tallinn the next day.
I will give a picture of his swollen face to security guys at Nosturi to make sure my pedals will be vomit-free and we can get ready for the gig without his drunken dirty talking on the background.

Godspeed Johnny. but please for fuck´s sake stay away from us....