Live @ Ne Salmiset (MTV3) 4.5.2009

You can watch our first ever acoustic live there:


Haven't seen it yet because my connection sucks ass, but hopefully I will see it tomorrow. My dad said it sounded ok and Matti was very excited but Matti is always excited and my dad is basically my dad so his job is to love our stuff of course. Let's see....


  1. I thought it was okay, for what it was. The main problem was that it sounds like this song doesn't really come out fully in an acoustic performance, the intensity and power is sort muted. At least that's how I felt, not really having heard the "real song" except once live, or something. Maybe that was just the TV and it's a different story if I'd been there in person, but I guess most of the people who saw it was through TV...
    Other than that, nice performance and I'd say the sound was even good. And of course cool to see you guys performing on TV! (Thanks for the link, btw.)

    - Wizzu

  2. I am pretty happy with this version actually. We rehearsed and arranged it after the makeup in the backroom... Well it is atleast spontanious like that.